We love shorts. The ones we've made range from a minute to 14 minutes in length and in a variety of formats - Fiction, Public Service, Music Montages and Documentaries.

Need help with a short? Production support? A director? Script polishing? Just ask. We'll probably be able to provide the help you need.


We have produced over 30 documentaries, some on social subjects but most for corporate clients. We have taken our camera to factories, offices, an airfield, streets, printing presses, river-banks, a mansion, hospitals, construction sites, churches, temples, plantations, music concerts, ancient monuments, and a historic fort, to name some locations. We are no strangers to shooting reality. Since speed and agility are crucial for this kind of filming we shoot fast and we shoot light. We determine the audio and visual style that suits each project and use the tools of the craft to create it. Talk to us if you need a doc produced. Whether it's a complete crew, just a camera team, logistical support or scripting help - let us know your need and chances are we can fulfill it.

Dancing Light Pictures has two feature documentaries in development. ‘Zafar’ and 'Singing Upwards: The Sufi Qawwali'.

Feature Films

Dancing Light Pictures has two feature projects in development, both dramas targeted towards markets in North America, UK, and India.


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