With so many corporate video producers around, what makes us different?

Gloria Steinem once said, ďOur brains are organised by narrative and by imagery not by statistics and facts.Ē Thatís as true for corporate video communications as anything else. The idea is central to our approach. We donít just create a video for you, we create a narrative.

Viewing a film, whether itís for entertainment or corporate purposes, is first and foremost an experience of emotion. The most effective communication is the one that makes an emotional connection with the viewer. Our work goes beyond mere visual and technical excellence and connects at a human level.

We also believe drama makes for better communication. The dramatic engages the audience, which in turn makes it more receptive to information. We make videos that engage and entertain, even as they inform. With our experience in the entertainment industry drama comes to us naturally.

Human beings are hard wired to be drawn to beauty. When something on the screen is presented beautifully itís more appealing than if itís not. Our camera is always seeking out the beautiful even in the most ordinary. We donít just capture reality, we capture its beauty. We bring in a level of visual stylisation to our work. Just take a look at the imagery we have created, both in photography and film.

So if you are thinking of making any kind of a corporate video, whether it's for training, marketing or creating an impressive video profile of your company, think narrative, drama and beauty.


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